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Battle of the Books
List Provided - Event at Carnegie Hall - Provided by Greenbrier County Reading Council
2016-17 Battle of the Books List

Elementary School List:

The Phantom TollBooth
The Lightning Thief
Serafina and the Black Cloak
Out of the Dust
Dear Mr. Henshaw

Middle School List:


Summer Activities- A List of Sites

over 4 years ago

Summer Activities from the West Virginia Department of Education

The West Virginia Department of Education has created a website at that includes tools and resources you can use to encourage your students to read and practice their math skills. One of the tools, dubbed Find a Book, West Virginia,, can be used to help students find books tailored to their own interests or school assignments.

Teachers, parents and older students can use this tool to build custom reading lists based on each individual’s interests. The database also allows students to locate books that best complement their reading ability based on Lexile measures. A Lexile measure represents both a child's reading ability and the difficulty of a text, like a book or magazine article.

In addition, the WVDE Learn21 website,, hosts a collection of engaging resources, including reading and math materials, for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The learning tools can be used to aid learning anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available.

 Other summer programs also are available that allow children to earn free books or other prizes when they log their reading. Check out these sites:


Barnes and Noble:



TD Bank:

Half-Price Books:

Reading Rockets:

Book It:

 Math resources include:

MetaMetrics Math:

Imagine Rosefield:

PBS Kids:

Figure This! Math Challenge for Families

By Cody aguirre